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Friday Ramblings

April 24, 2015

On The Weather…
It’s snowing as I start this post. Snowing. On the 24th of April.

On When it Rains…
…it pours. Into our house apparently. We’ve sprung a leak!  We discovered it Monday morning after a
particularly rainy and extremely windy night. The insurance company is still compiling their report so we don’t know the exact cause yet.
Also, our stove is broken. The oven itself won’t heat up. The repair will be half the cost of a new stove, so we’re just going to bite the bullet and get a new one. Ours is 10 years old anyways.

On Molly…
We’ve entered an age of potty humour. I didn’t think it happened this young but the other night we were joking about where the iPad could be…behind my back, under the bed, in my hair…when Molly says “is it in my bum? Is it in my toot?”
It was pretty funny!!

On Oliver…
My little buddy is walking really well now! He can really motor before he topples over. It sounds weird but it’s making life a bit easier,  particularly for going outside. He pushes his little car to the park and can walk around the playground as opposed to crawling in the dirt and wood chips.
He’s still not sleeping well but it is what it is for the moment.

On the Golden Pair…
A and I did our Briggs – Meyer personality tests online…he’s INTP and I’m INFJ. Quite interesting to read! Apparently, as a match we’re referred to as the Golden Pair. Awwww :-)

On Getting Away…
We both have busy work schedules this summer, so vacation isn’t in the plans, but we do have a night away booked for just the two of us in June!  I’m super excited! It’ll be our first overnight away from the kids!

On the Weather Part Two…
It’s still snowing. Wtf.


April 8, 2015

On It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been forever, I know. Our new way of life, with me as a working mom, is crazy busy! And that’s just working three days a week!


The first weeks back at work have been great. I’m getting used to the routine of things and settling back into my job.

On Missing My Kids…
It’s strange to say, but I like missing my kids. I like feeling excited to see them when I pick them up. I like listening to their chatter. I feel like I appreciate them more and that’s a good feeling.
Winter was hard. It was so incredibly cold and we were housebound a lot. By the end of those days I was exhausted and just wanted them to sleep. I didn’t like wishing away time with my babies and though I would obviously prefer to be at home with them now, I’m in a much better mental state than I was. It wasn’t depression, rather a mental exhaustion from being vigilant all the time. Being at work gives my mind a rest and it’s making me a better mom.

On Oliver…
My baby is walking!! He took his first real steps last Thursday and hasn’t looked back. I’m just thrilled I was able to see it and he didn’t do it at day care. Speaking of, he’s doing really well there. Every day I get a positive report. It’s really comforting to me to know he’s being cared for so well.
We’re still going strong with nursing. He’s showing no signs of stopping and I’m fine with that right now, though I wouldn’t be sad if he stopped nursing at night. He’s still waking several times and it’s tough. But I still want to give him a chance to sleep through on his own, just like Molly did at 14 months.

On Molly…
Oh Miss Molly. Every day she entertains us with her chatter and antics. She’s learning her numbers and letters and loves to sing us songs. Her imagination is rampant and I’m amazed at how well she plays, both on her own and with others. One moment I just have to share happened this past easter weekend. I asked her if she was ready for the Easter egg hunt. She then kept asking for the Easter c*nt. A and I couldn’t stop laughing!  She combined the sounds of egg and hunt into one inappropriate sounding event!

On Me…
I’ve been sick for a month. It’s awful!  But that’s how it is when your kids are in day care and are germ factories. But I take heart. My doctor said to me once that either they’re in day care now, exposed to the germs, or we isolate them now and they’re exposed when they go to school. I’m hoping we’ll all have iron strong immune systems by that point :-)
Other than that, I’m great. My weight is holding nicely and my clothes are even a little loose. Though Easter treats may take care of that problem.
We’re settling into our daily routine. My meal planning effots are working out nicely and I hope to post about it soon. The kids tend to melt down after 6:45 on work nights so having quick meals ready to go has been key.

Overall,  I’m feeling good about things. I wish I could blog more but it is what it is. Maybe once I’m getting more sleep and not going to bed at 8:30-9pm I’ll be able to get more done. I’ll worry about that when the time comes :-)

Happy Birthday Oliver! 

March 21, 2015

Happy first birthday to our handsome baby boy! Despite giving us a run for our money sometimes, you are so incredibly sweet and full of joy. I can’t wait to see what’s next! 


Mom-cation Update 

March 15, 2015

Let’s see…when I last posted, the kids were about to start day care three days a a week. I had no doubts about Molly adjusting; she would routinely ask to go to school. And I was right, she loves it! Apparently she’s their number one eater and napper lol (she naps great at home, sometimes for three hours!). The wild card was Oliver. He’s such a mama’s boy! But he’s doing great too. There are tears of course but drop offs have been relatively easy. He’s eating well and from day one has been napping well there with little fuss (I mostly nurse him to sleep still, so I wondered). He’s even going to sleep on his own! I tried it here but no dice. But that’s ok. I’m fine with the status quo for now. I’m relieved he’s transitioning so well! What has shocked me most is that he’s not at all needy when I pick him up! No more than usual anyways. And he doesn’t want to nurse right away. But the he’s never been a ‘desperate’ nurser. 

So day care went well but unfortunately my mom-cation had a few kinks. The first day was great! I had my hair done and met up with BFF B for a pedicure and lunch, followed by a little shopping. But then I picked up A and he wasn’t feeling well. And we picked up the kids and Molly had a fever…you can see where this is going. I ended up with company for the next two days. A and I were supposed to have an anniversary day together but that was put off with a sick husband and sick toddler to deal with. They were home again on Thursday. And then I started getting sick. Ugh. A nasty cold took me out for the whole weekend! 

Not the best way to enjoy my last days of maternity leave :-(

This past week was better, as in I had all three days to myself. I did chores around the house, ran errands and made curtains for Oliver’s room. And of course I slept :-) 

But I still wasn’t getting better. I took Molly and I to the urgent care clinic yesterday (she has developed an awful cough). I got antibiotics to treat a sinus infection and Molly was given meds to tackle croup. She may or may not have it but we erred on the side of caution. I can’t have either of us sick this week, not with me starting work on Tuesday! 

So here I am, gearing up for work in a couple of days. I’m excited and nervous. Mostly I want to know how our routine will work and get the kinks ironed out ASAP. The timing, especially in the evening, will be tight. Pick up, get home, have dinner, baths (if needed), bed. We’ll make it work. It’ll be crazy but we’ll make it work. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

The Next Phase

March 2, 2015

This week we begin a new phase in our lives! The past year on maternity has been wonderful (though challenging) but I always knew it was temporary. I’m eager to start getting back to ‘normal’ and several things are happening this week that make that possible. 

The kids start day care three days a week tomorrow. Molly’s been going there one day a week since Oliver was born, so I’m not worried about her. My little mister though, is very much mama’s boy right now, so I’m guessing his transition won’t be as easy. I have left him for several hours before but this is a bit different since he won’t be in his own environment. I’m glad we decided to start them before I go back to work, so that any extra neediness at night can be supplemented by naps (my own) during the day. 
Sending him to day care also begins the weaning process. I’m hoping to follow the same routine I did when Molly first started going to day care. I’ll nurse him in the morning and evening, before bed and as needed in the night. I’m crossing my fingers he’ll night wean himself soon and then we’ll practice “don’t offer, don’t refuse”. Molly was done nursing by 16 months and I have a similar goal in mind with Oliver. But I’m going to be flexible. Maybe he’ll stop sooner! Who knows? 
We also received confirmation today that the baby making biz is officially closed! It’s super weird to be done with that stage of our lives but I’m very excited to focus on raising our two beautiful children. 
It also means that A and I can start focusing a bit more on our own relationship. We’re in a great place, but having kids changed things, as having kids will do. For most of our relationship we’ve either been trying to get pregnant, pregnant or taking care of small babies. We still have some time until we’re out of the ‘young children’ stage but for the first time in a while we can look ahead and see time for ourselves. It’s our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow and A has booked Wednesday off of work for us to spend together, kid-free! 
A lot of exciting things happening around here! I’m nervous and a bit apprehensive about some of them (read: Oliver in day care) but on the whole know that it’s what’s best for our family. 
Wish us luck! 

Friday Ramblings

February 27, 2015

On Oliver…

We’re struggling, Oliver and I. Or rather I am. His nighttime sleep is awful, with him waking three or more (mostly more) times a night. I’m finding it hard in terms of sleep deprivation but I’m also at war with myself as far as a course of action. Do I leave things as they are and hope he figures it out soon or do I let go of my beliefs and night wean/sleep train? Since he starts day care next week, I can’t do anything right now. Too much change for him! We’ll see how the transition goes and then I’ll decide what to do. 

Otherwise, he’s great! Not walking yet (I’d hoped he would before he started day care) but who needs walking when you’re a speed crawler? He’s waving and says “ha” for hi and just this morning gave me a high five! I can’t believe my baby is almost one! 

On Molly…

Our little miss has discovered the sweet life of sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. A couple of months ago she was sick with a high fever. My fear of her seizing with a febrile seizure hasn’t diminished, so I brought her into bed with us. Ever since she’s wanted in. She goes to sleep in her own bed but will usually end up with us at some point. Sometimes it’s at 11. Sometimes it’s at 5am. Sometimes she doesn’t come in at all. Though not ideal, we’re not overly concerned at this point. We’re getting sleep and that’s what matters right now. We’re lucky to have a king sized bed! 

On Me…

I start work on March 17! I’ll be honest, I’m excited about having time away from the kids. I’ll miss them but I look forward to that! Being at home with them all the time means I don’t have the chance to miss them. There’s something to be said for that. 

I’ve been busy getting things in order, figuring out meal plans, identifying gaps in my wardrobe etc. I’ve been doing a bit of shopping (a few pairs of shoes, a new bag, a couple pairs of pants) but nothing significant. I’m lucky that all of my work clothes fit, so not a lot is needed.  

On Meal Planning…

I’ve actually been doing pretty good with meal planning since the beginning of the year. A lot of the meals I’ve been making are ones that can carry over into another meal. They also tend to be versatile dishes that can be served in a variety of ways (with rice, pasta or in a wrap) and will freeze well. These are going to be go-to meals for us on work nights. Our timing will be tight and I don’t want to rely too much on pre-packaged meals and take out. If I prepare toppings in advance (shred cheese, chop veggies etc) than prep time should be short. 

Same goes for lunches. I work in the city and the average lunch out is $15, if not more. I need to bring my own lunch to save us some money. I’ve found several recipes that will create several meals for me. 

My master plan is to try and blog about all this in more detail but I feel like I’m crying wolf when I say that. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but I really want to find time to blog more. Ah time. You elude me. 

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday Ramblings

February 6, 2015

On Me…
Great news! My ultrasound results came back and show that my doctor was right! The lumps I mentioned last week are fatty lumps called Lipoma and are completely harmless. They’re quite common apparently (why are things you’ve never heard of always common?), especially if you’ve lost weight, which, after having had two babies, I’ve done a couple of times. Phew.

On Oliver…
Over the past couple of days two new teeth have appeared! No wonder he’s been sleeping poorly.
Also, I’m concerned about the measles outbreak. Not seriously concerned but mildly concerned. Oliver hasn’t receive his MMR yet (another six weeks or so) and there have been cases reported in Toronto. Now, we don’t go out a whole lot at the moment, since I don’t have a car during the week, but still. I’ll be glad if it blows over quickly.

On Molly…
Molly is pretty much potty trained during the day now! We haven’t attempted the night yet but she still wakes with a wet diaper, so I’m thinking she’s not quite ready for that yet.
It’s making things interesting for when we’re out and about though. She has a fascination with public toilets and at any given location we’ll make numerous trips to the same bathroom, sometimes without any results. But we can’t not take her, so we just have to exercise our patience. Not easy!

In My Upcoming Staycation…
I’m back to work on March 17, three days a week. But because of scheduling, the kids are starting daycare three days a week on March 3. You know what that means?? I get six, SIX, days of kid free time!! I already have a spa day planned with BFF B and I have a few projects I want to get done (paint the bathrooms maybe and hello, I’ve had the fabric for the curtains foe Oliver’s room for over a year!) but am otherwise going to enjoy my time. I’m going back to work at the same time a major project is about to get under way and I’ll be very much involved. No vacation until the fall!

Happy Friday everyone! We’re expecting snow here over the weekend, so I anticipate some quality home time.


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