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Molly’s Birthday Celebrations

August 19, 2014

We laid low on Molly’s actual birthday, with a trip to the zoo and a quiet dinner of fish and chips and cupcakes for dessert (the grey icing has Oreos in it…it’s a work in progress).
A couple of days later we had a family BBQ as her main celebration. I wasn’t up for a larger gathering this year. We had a great time, with the kids playing in the kiddie pool (that’s Molly going down the slide) and ice cream sundaes for dessert! Here are some pics:















August 8, 2014

My baby girl turned two today. We had an easy going day with a trip to the zoo, fish and chips (her favourite) for dinner and homemade cupcakes for dessert. She absolutely LOVED the play kitchen we bought her. It kept her attention for a half hour straight, something only the iPad is able to so these days. (Pics to come soon; we’re having a family celebration on Sunday and I hope to have pics from that too!)

I can’t believe she’s two! It wasn’t that long ago that I was worried I would never have a family. I forget sometimes but A and I have only been together for just over 3.5 years. Just before we met I was starting to come to terms with the fact that it would never happen for me. And then bam! Suddenly I’m married with two kids.

The day Molly was born the last of my ‘before A’ dreams came true: to fall in love, get married and start a family. It was also the day that a host of new dreams were born, dreams for our children and our life together. Her labour and delivery was just a blip compared to what we’ve experienced with her over the past two years and will experience in years to come. She already marvels us with everything that she does. I can’t wait to see what’s next. (We’re totally the parents who say “I know all parents say this but our kid really is amazing!”)

Happy birthday Molly moo! Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can say and given the adoration on his face when he looks at you, your baby brother feels the same way. Xoxo

Big Girl Steps

August 5, 2014

Just a few days shy of her second birthday, we decided to try Molly out in her big girl bed last night. I told A not to force it, that we would take it slow and let her get used to the idea. After 45 minutes of trying, I called ‘time’ and put her to bed in her crib…which she promptly climbed out of!! One leg over without hesitation
(I watched on the monitor) and would have made it to the ground if I hadn’t burst through the door and grabbed her. She would have been fine and made it safely but I was worried about her doing it in the night, half asleep.

No more taking our time; the big girl bed was happening!

I took her back in and was treated to the litany of excuses that are innate in toddlers: one more book, mummy kiss, water please – at least she remembered her manners there – knee hurt bandaid, I potty, where baby (she has four in bed with her), where buddy (non-baby stuffies)…at one point she was even preening like a bird, chirping “Molly pretty. Pretty Molly”. If I hadn’t been so tired it would have been funny!
I was finally able to keep her lying down by sitting next to the bed and patting her back (I’ll worry about breaking bad habits later). If she even threatened to roll over (she sleeps on her tummy), I started to get up and leave. She fell asleep after a few minutes, I slowly moved out of the room and I’m happy to say she slept the whole night through!

Tonight was a similar scene and she was asleep 10 minutes earlier than before, though later than we would like (8:10). A started off with the duty getting her settled and once I got Oliver down, I took over. After dealing with excuse after excuse after excuse, frustration sets in and a break is most needed :-)
It’s going to take time for her to adjust. We just have to be patient and stick to our guns. But oh, how proud she was when I opened the door for her this morning. “Molly big girl bed” she said with a sleepy smile. My baby is growing up!

Our next challenge: dealing with the inevitable occurrence of her falling out of bed (see above pic…she’s moved herself close to the non-guarded section of her bed!). Her reaction could really go either way!

Oh Sleep

July 31, 2014

Oliver is full on on the midst of the famed four-month sleep regression. According to the Wonder Weeks app, it’s around this time that a major developmental leap occurs and it wreaks havoc on infant sleep cycles. Add teething to the mix and we are having good times! (Infer sarcasm).
Though I understand the whys of it, I’m finding it a lot more difficult this time around, probably because Molly never went through a regression at four months (hers was at eight months).

He’s waking 2-3 times a night and naps during the day are ridiculous, with him finally falling asleep after a struggle and only sleeping for 15-30 minutes. I’m trying to be consistent with his routine, but he’s not making it easy. He refuses to settle with A right now, so it’s all on me.

The lack of sleep is affecting me more with two kids than it did with one (for obvious reasons) and it has me considering measures I don’t even believe in! Sleep training has been on my mind but I don’t believe in that for babies this young; I wasn’t comfortable doing it with Molly until she was 14 months! I’ve also contemplated introducing cereal which goes against my beliefs on two levels: I don’t plan on giving cereal at all nor do I want to introduce solids before six months. What’s a mom to do?

Sigh. Get through as best I can, that’s what. I’ve been in this place before, feeling frustrated that there’s no end in sight but having raised a baby this age before, I know that things will change. That knowledge is keeping me going.
I’m hoping that with the end of this leap coming up in a couple of weeks that he will settle back into good sleep patterns again. In the meantime, I’ll fondly look back on the two days that he slept for 10 hours straight and remember that he is capable of doing it.

One Quick Trip to the Rock!

July 30, 2014

Oliver and I landed in St. John’s very late Thursday night at 12:30am (technically Friday morning I guess) and we took off back to Toronto at 1:30pm on Sunday. Between landing and take off we:

- souvenir shopped downtown Friday afternoon
-attended a pre-wedding soirĂ©e Friday evening hosted by my aunt at her house where I’m sure every woman there had hold of my adorable son :-)
– visited my oldest friend (since we were five) Saturday morning and got caught up with her
-visited friends of the family for lunch that same day
-managed to survive the heat of the day enough to get myself ready for the wedding (it’s not usually so warm there and so no one has air conditioning in their houses)
-went to my cousin’s lovely wedding at the Sheraton Hotel, which includes a blissfully short ceremony followed immediately by cocktails and a sit down dinner: we didn’t stay for dancing as my dad was really sick with a sinus infection and Oliver stubbornly refused to sleep

A lot right? And I realized when I got home that the only pictures I took were this one of Oliver sleeping on the plane (proof that he slept…both ways actually, for almost the entire time!):

And this one of a plate of cod tongues I had for lunch on Friday (thank you to my parents guest fisherman who brought us these!):

It’s hard trying to take pics with a baby! Speaking of, he was amazing. No major melt downs and content most of the trip! I was surprised and very much impressed.

All in all it was very much worth going to see all my family and friends and have them meet Oliver. We’re hoping that next year all four of us can go, for more than three days :-)


July 24, 2014

On Vacation…

Oliver and I are off to Newfoundland tonight! A is staying home with Molly. It was too expensive for us both to go. My parents are there for a few weeks, so they’ll be able to help with the baby. It’s going to be a busy trip trying to pack in visits with friends, my cousins wedding, shopping and a cod tongue meal in just a few days but we are up to the challenge! Luckily Oliver is still flexible in where he sleeps. I’ll miss A and Molly desperately, but am looking forward to this getaway!

On Technology…

Technology is my friend and enemy this week. My frenemy if you will. On my good side is our Chromecast. We loooove it! Though to be fair we’ve only used it for Netflix so far and some You Tube streaming. We haven’t really attempted casting from the Chrome browser yet since it’s off season for TV. I suppose this fall will be the real test. If all goes well we’ll get one for all our TV’s. This Monday we have our cable disconnected, so we’re dedicated to internet TV, at least for the time being!
And on my bad side is my laptop. It died. Again. This time with no warning. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be a hard drive issue like before which caused the devastating loss of pictures and videos (which I’ve been backing up…whew!). We have to take it in and see how much it’ll be to fix. Too much and I’ll be using A’s computer for a while :-(

On the Kids…

Molly turns two in two weeks, can you believe it?? I’m slowly getting things ready for our family BBQ and today we’re off to Toys R Us to get her present (a play kitchen! They’re on sale this week).
While there we’re going to check out car seats for Oliver. At his check up he weighed 17 lb 9 oz. The limit for our infant carrier is 22 lb. It could be some time before he reaches that weight but the fact is he’s getting really heavy to lift in the carrier! I also think he’s not comfortable in it while travelling. It took us over five hours to get home from the cottage the other day, normally a three hour drive. But we had to stop many times to calm master Oliver’s discontent. A larger seat may help with that, though it makes me sad to give up the convenience of the infant seat.
When I’m back from my trip, we’re transitioning Molly into her big girl room! I’m ready for Oliver to be in his own space and Molly has been making motions to climb out of her crib. It’s going to be interesting!

Belated Father’s Day Present

July 13, 2014

I was a bit behind with my Father’s Day gift for A. I decided to recreate the trio of images I did last year with Molly, this time with the both of them. Considering my subjects were a distracted toddler and an oblivious 3 month old, I think it turned out pretty great!

Father's Day 2014

Here’s last years for comparison:

DAD (1280x640)



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