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Belated Father’s Day Present

July 13, 2014

I was a bit behind with my Father’s Day gift for A. I decided to recreate the trio of images I did last year with Molly, this time with the both of them. Considering my subjects were a distracted toddler and an oblivious 3 month old, I think it turned out pretty great!

Father's Day 2014

Here’s last years for comparison:

DAD (1280x640)


Sleep? Who needs sleep?!

July 12, 2014

Greetings from 4:37am! This is the….fourth? No, fifth time I think that Oliver has been up tonight. I’ve lost track.
It was just a few weeks ago that he slept through the whole night. One glorious night. But it was rather short-lived. His sleep patterns have spiralled over the past few days, with him waking every 1-2 hours. I don’t think he was up this frequently even as a newborn! I can handle him waking once a night, It’s normal for babies to wake, but this is crazy! To say I’m sleep deprived is an understatement.

It could be because any number of things: discomfort from being sick, growth spurt or maybe the dreaded four-month sleep regression (he’ll be four months on the 21st). Who knows!

I’m trying not to do anything differently when he wakes: I give him a chance to go back to sleep. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. I can recognize an “I’m resettling” cry vs a “get me now dammit” cry. I get up, use the loo if necessary, turn on the TV (no sound, just for light), make sure I have my iPhone (what did moms do before smartphones??) , grab the baby, settle into the rocking chair, nurse, re-swaddle and then put him back to bed once he’s asleep. If he doesn’t want to nurse I’ll rock him back to sleep. It’s usually a half hour process either way; I’m kicking ass on Candy Crush Saga!

Despite being so tired, at this point I’m not comfortable crying it out or denying him feedings just to get him to sleep. He obviously needs something if he’s waking this frequently and I’m going to try and fulfill that need. As much as I’d love sleep, that comes first with me (no judgement for those who choose a different path).

It’s hard though, since it’s mostly all on me with the nursing. I wake A to swaddle (I suck at it) and will occasionally ask him to get up to comfort him first before I try nursing but 9 times out of 10 Oliver ends up wanting to feed and just gets more agitated at being made to wait. Nursing lying down isn’t comfortable so that’s out. Same with co-sleeping; the idea terrifies me! I’m not interested in pumping so A can give a bottle nor do I want to give formula.

So my only real option is to just suck it up! It won’t last forever and most days I can nap. And there’s always coffee, which I’m limiting to two cups a day. (I’ve been drinking it since he was born. It’s not the issue).

Good times here at our casa! Good times :-)

Friday Ramblings

July 11, 2014


Or the devils disease as I’m calling it. Ugh. Hand, foot and mouth disease made an appearance at Molly’s daycare last week and she unfortunately contracted it. It’s not a serious illness but extremely contagious and uncomfortable for those who get it and all of us got it in one form or another. Luckily it’s very mild in adults or I’m not sure how we would have survived the week. As it is, I’m wiped. Poor Oliver had it the worst with a fever for two days and blisters in his mouth. He was miserable and I swear didn’t stop crying all of Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s been physically and emotionally taxing on us all but we’re on the mend!

On Oliver…

All that nasty illness business aside, Oliver had an exciting week! He rolled over on Monday, back to front. I had put him down on the floor, a rare thing with Molly traipsing all over the place, but she was outside so I took advantage. I started getting dinner ready and while I couldn’t see him, I could hear him and finally glance over when I heard him grunting. He had turned 90 degrees and was 3/4 of the way over! It took him a few more tries, and a little ‘push’ here and there from his sister, but he finally made it on his own. My baby is growing up!

On Molly…

Speaking of babies growing up, in less than a month Molly will be two! How is that possible? I’m noticing big changes in her lately. She’s really into possession, though not in a selfish way , more like identifying what belongs to whom (Mommy’s plate, Daddy’s plate, Molly’s plate etc). She also understands the concept of turns (I focus on turns when it comes to playing with others rather than sharing) and is finally grasping consequences, which makes discipline a lot easier.
I’ve been using the 1,2,3 method where I explain that I’m going to count to three and ask her to do/change something and if she hasn’t done it by the time I get to three then the appropriate consequence to the circumstance will take place (ie. if you don’t take your markers back to the table I’ll put them away). We like this approach because it gives her the chance to choose the correct behaviour. So far she’s making the right choice though only after I’ve counted to two :-)
I’m also putting her in a short time out on the couch or in her room for more serious offences like biting and hitting. There are no warnings there. I ask her to apologize using the offence in the apology so it’s not just a cursory ‘sorry’.
Just this week she’s been showing some terrible two behaviour by throwing herself on the floor (which we ignore while trying not to laugh), but overall she’s a great kid! Lots of fun ahead!
We aren’t going crazy with her second birthday. Having family over for a BBQ and that’s it. I can’t fathom planing anything larger right now. Not with a baby to contend with!

On Me…

Who’s me? Oh right. That haggard looking woman I see in the mirror. ME has taken backstage over the past week with a sick family. I’m happy to say though that aside from indulging in pizza last weekend, I’ve been dairy free for almost two weeks! And I haven’t let the craziness of the week be an excuse to eat badly. We’ve had take out more than I would like but nothing too horrible.
Once we’ve had a chance to regroup, I’m going to focus a bit more on trying to exercise and hopefully start getting massages again. Carrying around a 17 pound baby almost 24/7 has taken a toll (he’s not a fan of slings/wraps and neither am I…too hot!).

I have more to share, I’m sure, but it’s 10:30pm and my little man is almost done nursing. I want to go to bed :-)

Here’s my kiddos! Molly wanted to ‘hold it’ haha!


A Moo Point

July 3, 2014

Well friends, I’m here to report that I’ve been dairy free for 72 hours now.

It sucks.

Let me explain. On Monday we took the kids to the doctor. Molly had a rash, which is most likely the reaction to a new sunscreen I tried on her. And Oliver, well, Oliver has stinky toots. Really, really stinky toots. Toots that shouldn’t smell like that considering he’s exclusively breastfed; toots that cause him discomfort.

The doctors prognosis? A possible intolerance to the proteins in cow dairy. Solution? Cut out the main sources of cow dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt, BUTTER! Oh god, butter. Basically I need to cut out all that is right and good in the world.

I sound dramatic, but if you take a good look at my diet, you’ll find, even on Weight Watchers, that some form of cow dairy is present at all my meals. It’s incredibly hard for me to think outside the milk carton and not reach for the cheese grater, which is why I failed at going dairy free a couple of months ago when Oliver’s reflux was really bad. I didn’t even last 24 hours that time.

That attempt though, wasn’t at the request of my doctor. It’s a bit easier doing it this time around on her ‘orders’. It’s even easier when I consider that it’ll further ease Oliver’s tummy discomforts. His reflux hardly bothers him at all anymore but his toots still do. I hate seeing my baby boy uncomfortable.

Despite my complaining, It hasn’t been too bad. I was sad about skipping pizza night last night, but have otherwise adapted fairly well. Luckily goat cheese is still up for grabs; I put it on my spaghetti tonight rather than Parmesan and it was amazing! And I’m not being too picky about products made with cow dairy. I don’t eat a lot of packaged or prepared foods, so the amount of dairy from those sources that I’m ingesting is minimal. I’ll give it a week or two and see how Oliver is reacting to this change. If it’s good I’ll keep it up, but if there’s no difference I’ll introduce it back in.

Who knows, maybe it’ll help me lose the last 10 pounds I want to drop!


June 29, 2014

On Oliver…
Just over three months old, master Oliver is keeping us on our toes! Molly hardly ever cried as a baby; Oliver is making up for what we missed with her :-)
On the whole, he’s a good baby. He’s just very vocal about any discontent he’s feeling.


Sleep-wise we’re doing well! The other night he slept from 8:30-6, and last night he slept 8-4 and then back to sleep from 4:30-7:15. I have no problems with him getting up once to nurse but am under no illusions this will last. I’ll enjoy it while I can!

On Molly…
Molly is….awesome. She’s smart and funny and I can’t believe our baby girl will be two in just over a month! Oh she has her moments where she drives us crazy and I wonder what we were thinking by having kids, but then she’ll do something adorable like calling all her stuffed animals ‘my buddy’ or call me ‘honey’ because that’s what she hears A call me (she’ll call him ‘babe’) and all is forgiven.

Her hair is driving me nuts though. I’m not a stickler for it being neat and tidy all the time…she’s a kid, neat and tidy shouldn’t be a necessity. But it’s crazy at times. She was cursed with a double crown (curtesy of me) and her hair grows in all directions. Once it’s longer it’ll be easier to manage.

On Me…
Almost 10 pounds lost on weight watchers! 10 more to go until I reach my first goal. Another 10 after that for my second goal, but I’m not counting on that until after I’m done nursing.
I think we’ve come out of the newborn haze. Despite the fact that Oliver is in a ‘hold me’ phase and Molly really lovers mommy right now, things feel more manageable. Of course that’s partly because A is still home. No luck quite yet in the job department. He’s had some nibbles but it’s such a tough market right now!

On TV…
We’ve made the decision to cancel our cable. All of it. We’re going to focus on watching Netflix and other shows on the internet. Most stations these days will broadcast new shows on the internet after they air. It’s partly financial; it’ll save us a ton each month. But it’s also an exercise in not having the TV on all the time. Molly doesn’t pay attention to it but we watch more than we should. So we’ll see how it goes! We’ve ordered a Google Chromecast to help with the Internet TV option. Fingers crossed it works well for us!

One of Those Moments

June 19, 2014

We took the kids to the park by the lake this morning. There’s a really great toddler playground and a splash pad.
After playing for a bit, we wandered down to the lake so Molly could throw rocks in the water.
Oliver was fussing so I held him while A monitored Molly, and as I stood there holding my baby, watching my husband and daughter play, I felt a sense of peace and happiness come over me. I’m an incredibly lucky woman to have such a family.

This pic is from a couple of weeks ago, at the same spot. I wish I could have captured the moment today but I need two hands to hold my big boy :-)

Another moment to cherish.

DIY Monogram Front Door Wreath

June 17, 2014

I’ve been wanting to make a wreath for our front door for quite some time. But when I brought up the idea with A, he rhymed off half a dozen reasons why it wasn’t a good idea, some of which did make sense, darn it (ie. getting in the way of bringing the kids in), so I let it go for awhile.
Weeks later though, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I told him I would give it a try and if he really didn’t like it we could take it down.

I was originally inspired by this wreath I found on Pinterest. It’s a bit fussy for my taste in terms of flowers though, so I made different choices, taming it down a bit. I love the neutral look with the pop of colour!


Grapevine wreath ($4.99 at Michaels)
Two bunches of Fake flowers ($6.99 per bunch, marked down 40% at Michaels)
Burlap ribbon ($5.99 at Michaels)
Wood letter ($1.50 at Walmart)
Acrylic paint ($1.50 at Walmart)
Thin wire
Wire cutters
Fishing line

I started by painting the M I bought at Walmart. Two coats of the yellow acrylic paint were needed. Then I set about making the bow. I used this site for instructions. Once that was done, I used wire cutters to cut off the long stems of the flower bunches and using all the components, decided where everything would fit on the grapevine wreath.


Because I didn’t want bits and pieces falling off and blowing away, I decided to affix the flowers and bow using thin wire and used fishing line to attach huge M rather than glue everything on.


I adore the end result! A is ambivalent, as most men are when it comes to decorating. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get in the way of everyday life or else I’ll have to find another spot for it!



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